Lightroom Classic 13.0

I’m new to NLP and have converted a few rolls to date. Today, I upgraded Lightroom Classic to the just released version 13.0. I went to convert a roll of B&W scanned negatives and they will not convert. I’m using NLP 3.0.2. Source set to Digital Camera, Color Model is B+W, Presaturation is at 3-default and border buffer at 5%. When I hit convert (one or many negatives) NLP analysis the scanned negative and opens the setting dialog. However, the negative was not converted to a positive. Continuing, my settings are NLP Standard - B+W. I hit apply and still, I only have a negative not a positive.

Anyone else try this in the new version of LRC? I realize I’m still a newbie so if I am having a DUH moment, please let me know.

Please see the other thread here, there is currently a problem with Lightroom Classic 13:

@nate sent an email about the issues between NLP and LrC version 13. Current recommendation is to stick to or revert to LrC version 12.

More about it here:

A new version of Lightroom Classic for the Mac shipped overnight Oct. 12-13. LRC is now version 13.0.1, and is available for download in the Adobe Creative Cloud app. It appears thisversion fixes the issues with Negative Lab Pro. I’m running 3.02. I just tried un-converting and reconverting a Tri-X image and then applied tonal changes, NLP seems to work properly, image changes now show up in the image onscreen.

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Release Notes

October 2023 release (version 13.0.1)

  • [[Windows only] Creation of masks results in Lightroom Classic hang]
  • [Point Color under Tools has the wrong shortcut entry]
  • [When browsing the History Panel, Lightroom Classic 13.0 crashes on Windows and shows a blank history step on macOS]
  • The Histogram is incorrect in SDR Preview mode
  • Tone curve changes made via the SDK are not working on Lightroom Classic v13.0

Confirming that Version 13.0.1 fixes the issue. I updated, and I’ve been converting a few rolls, and everything seems to be working perfectly.

Running macOS 14.0, Lightroom 13.0.1, NLP 3.