NLP no longer working

Probably has to do with the LRC 13 update, but I read somewhere that supposedly the issues with 13 were fixed earlier this month, so I’m unsure. LRC version is 13, NLP is 3.0.2

Even the preview will not render a positive. All NLP does right now is grey out my negative.

Doesn’t matter what settings in LRC I apply to the photo beforehand, the result is the same: a grey mask, and nothing else.

You need to update Lightroom Classic to v13.0.1… the released a patch shortly after releasing v13 because of a few major bugs.


Unfortunately, updating to 13.0.1 did not change anything. Restarted just to be safe.

What happens when you hit the “CONVERT 1 NEGATIVE” button? You need to hit that button to convert the photo.

The photo will remain as it is before you hit the convert button (you may see it become a bit “darker” in appearance right when you first open it up, which is just the camera profile being applied).

The "Preview’ button in this case is just previewing the border buffer (the amount of border that is ignored for the purpose of the conversion analysis)… so if you have the border buffer set to zero, you will not see a change to the image when you Preview the border buffer… but if you set the Border Buffer to 5 or 10%, you should see the preview show you a preview of what area is being used in the analysis.


Got it. Thanks for the assistance! Sorry for the trouble.

No problem! Glad you are up and running!