Negative Lab Pro not working after upgrade to Lightroom Classic v13.0


today my copy of LR Classic has been updated to v13.0 (from v12).

Now, even if NLP panel opens and goes through the motion of working, the image isn’t modified at all.

If I try to open the panel to modify some parameters for an already converted negative, it doesn’t have
any effect.

I I try to convert an image not previously converted, it remains as such.

The plugin is listed as “enabled and working”, but in the reality it doesn’t.

Thank you.

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I have the same problem, with NLP v. 3.0.2. I made an upgrade of my Lightroom classic today and NLP stopped working, yesterday it was worked perfectly with an older version of LRC
Windows 10
LRC v 13,0 Release
NLP 3.0.2

Please fix it or did I do something wrong?


When I downgraded LRC, NLP works again, so there is something incompatible in version 13.

Hi, In Facebook I noticed a message from Nate where he noted that he’s aware of the new incompatibility issue with v13.0 and that he’s working to overcome it. So I guess that anyone who needs to be working with NLP should resist the LR upgrade until this is solved.

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UPDATE 10-15-23:

This is FIXED as of Lightroom Classic v13.0.1. You should be safe to update to Lightroom Classic v13.0.1.

Thanks @romanf

Yes, I can confirm there appears to be a bug in LrC v13.0 that is preventing changes from taking effect.

Users will need to downgrade to v12.5 or earlier until we can get this resolved. It is likely that Adobe will need to fix the bug with the SDK for this to work. This has happened once before and Adobe was super responsive in fixing it.

“How do I downgrade back to v12.5”

  1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud app
  2. Make sure “Apps” is selected in the left pane
  3. Find the “Lightroom Classic” app, and click the “…” on the right side
  4. Select “Other Versions”
  5. Install v12.5

“How do I access my previous catalog?”

If you’ve already opened LrC v13, you might have updated your catalog to the new v13 format. The new catalog it made is not compatible with previous versions of LrC, so when you try to open the v13 format catalog with v12.5, it will probably throw an error…

The good news is that when Lightroom upgrades your catalog, it leaves your previous catalog untouched. So you should be able open Lightroom v12.5, then choose the catalog as it was named prior to when you ran the update.

You can learn more here.

“What versions of Negative Lab Pro does this impact?”

The bug in LrC v13.0 impacts all versions of Negative Lab Pro (and any plugin that is sending changes to Lightroom’s Tone Curve Panel).


And necessary is turn off automatic actualisation…

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Good point. You’ll also want to turn off auto-updates.

To turn off auto-updates in the Creative Cloud app:

  1. Go to “Creative Cloud > Preferencese”
  2. Select “Apps” from the left side
  3. Make sure that “Auto-Update” is disabled.
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woww, thank you for the email, right on time to avoid the update. You send it tomorrow and it would have been too late for me, hahahah

Hi ! I already updated yesterday, I was so excited to try the new features…
Do you think it’s OK to use the new version of LR as long as I don’t need to use Negative Lab Pro ? Film represents 10% of my work, so I can wait for the next LR update.

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That’s my plan. I’m going to leave 13.0 in place and roll back only if needed for something specific. Most of my projects can wait for an Adobe fix.

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Yep! If you don’t need to use Negative Lab Pro for a bit, then that makes sense.

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Thanks a lot for your answer !

Hi Nate, is it safe to upgrade the Camera Raw module without updating Lightroom? Or should I leave both alone for the time being until the LR fix is rolled out?

It should be safe to do, but there may not be any advantage to doing this unless you happen to have a very new model of digital camera that just picked up support in the latest release.

New Lightroom Version from last night 13.0.1

October 2023 release (version 13.0.1)

  • [[Windows only] Creation of masks results in Lightroom Classic hang]
  • [Point Color under Tools has the wrong shortcut entry]
  • [When browsing the History Panel, Lightroom Classic 13.0 crashes on Windows and shows a blank history step on macOS]
  • The Histogram is incorrect in SDR Preview mode
  • Tone curve changes made via the SDK are not working on Lightroom Classic v13.0
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Is NLP working ok now? I see that Adobe posted LR 13.0.1 (as @andym notes above). I tried using NLP 3.0.2 today and it seemed to work ok on my Windows 11 machine, but I’m a novice at using the software so not sure.

Seems to be working ok with the Lightroom 13.0.1 update on Mac OS 13.6

It worksfor me on the lastest update 13.0.1.

Hi. Thanks to Nate for the initial heads up and the update that flagged Adobe fix planned with v13.1 in December!. (2 months for Adobe to fix a significant bug is rather slow though?)

Now I see that some folk are indicating that NLP works again with LR v13.01 released a couple days ago?

If its now working fully thats good news and thanks to those that are notifying about that… but I read somewhere that NLP could appear to be running on LR 13.0, but not actually working fully?

Nate, Can you confirm that LR13.01 has fully fixed the problem (for windows) to save me updating and then finding that I need to go back to v12.5 and wait for 13.1? . Thanks


Thank for noticing 13.0.1 release.
I’ve tested NLP 3.0.2 with LrC 13.0.1on macOs Ventura 13.6
All functions seems working fine from import to positive exports, including metadata.
I’ve also tried the new features (like artificial bokeh) and they works both on original negatives files processed with NLP and positive TIFF copies.

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