Repairing a Lab Error

So my daughter sent me a roll of slide film that was processed as color negative film. The stock is now green. I’d like to scan (shoot) it as B&W or at least convert the images to B&W as the color is impossible to get close to appealing.
Any suggestions to help me convert the images to B&W would be greatly appreciated.

Ouch, what an annoyance!

My best guess:

  • camera scan the images, convert them to monochrome in Lightroom and then invert them with the tone curve. Try to balance tonality using the colour sliders in Lightroom.
    → monochrome conversion variants: press the V key or desaturate the image (results should be different because of different “translation” of colours to brightness values.

Maybe you can post an example image? We could then try to find the best way. I suppose that not many of us had to work with such a problematic situation.

This is what I ended up creating. As you can see the Fujichrome was jacked up by the lab.
My images were hit and miss. Since I am unskilled at color correction, I feel like I got close.

Thanks for the swift reply.


Wow, these images look much better than I had expected.

The look might not be what we’d expect from modern positive film, but they have a vintage look that I’d accept, not as a standard output, but as an occasional cherry on the cake.

I took the liberty and your colour image and did a few things in Lightroom in order to give the foreground more punch. Check out the settings that I’ve changed with a single gradient.

Note that jpeg images have limited tolerance to changes compared to what raw files allow.
Some of the changes bled into the lower parts of the sky. Moving the gradient downwards a bit (or using a painted on mask) could have prevented this.

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