Scan film comparison

I found a lab in N.Z who uses Lumix S1R and sigma 70 2.8 macro art for the HR

I put the link and you can compare the results in tiff with a drum scan and with a virtual drum scan (there is a download link on the page)

I am a little disappointed by the results of the S1r and 70 with HR 187MP) compare with the virtual drum scan( flextight ?),not the same price that say…

This guys are professionals so I guess the film was perfectly flat,etc…

Just one thing,exif show f8 and f11,I thought with HR this could cause diffraction but I don’t know

very interesting service and comparisons. I keep wanting to go down the rabbit hole of a higher resolution camera/pixel shift camera/both but have to remind myself that I am using the camera I am because it’s a 2nd body I can dedicate to this purpose.

Where I am the most surprised,it is for the 35mm tiff because normally the S1r should be more than enough

So,more than the s1r 187mp,it is probably the lens the real limitation in that case

When I look on the 4x5 S1R tiff,the duck is almost blurred compared with the Imacon but it is more understandable

I camera scan 35mm film with my Om1 with macro lens on high rez mode, and it resolves the grain better than my Dimage 5400 scanner at 5400 ppi. And the Dimage scanner is a very sharp scanner.
When I had my Howtek 4500 (4000 ppi) running, I found that the Minolta 5400 matched it and with the extra 1400 ppi sometimes beat it depending on the film.

Would love to see those tests with Vlad test-targets. Like…just HOW much better it gets is unclear, as we can’t run same negs in our DIY solutions :confused: