Are my scan any good?

Hi guys, I purchased Negative Lab Pro for Lightroom Classic just yesterday and after having messed around with it quite a bit, I think I managed to get a good result.
I scan with a Sony a7RIV and the Sigma 105 Macro using the Pixel Shift 16 shots.
For the stand and light i use the Negative supply base kit.
I initially had various difficulties in focusing, which were then resolved using the autofocus.
I’ll leave you some shots of a Portra 160 below to show you what I managed to do.
Do you think there could be other techniques and precautions to achieve greater quality?
Or have I reached the maximum that a 35mm scan can offer?
Scan 1
Scan 2

Hey there!

Overall looks good. :slight_smile:

  • Any particular reason why you prefer pixel shift? Would you like to show pixel shift 100% crop and next to it single shot? Asking as I use A7m3 and haven’t seen any reasonable real resolution difference past 24mb sensor single shot. I’d also suggest you to look into Vlad’s test targets if you want to run some resolution tests yourself and compare those to others. That what I use myself - - Vlads Test Target
  • What shutter speed you get with that setup? And what F stop?

I’d very much agree that Vlad’s Test Target would be a great help in enabling you to assess the resolution that your system is giving you as you try out different settings, and also to be able to tell what advantage the high resolution mode is giving you, it may not be as much as you think. You have an excellent camera coupled with an excellent lens but a high quality camera copying setup is a sum of all its parts so it might also help to identify weaknesses in your system, or just operational issues that you could address.

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Personally, I don’t see the quality gain that would warrant the huge storage requirement of these pixel-shift files. Plus the extra scanning time might be more hassle than it’s worth.

Just my $0.02.