Scanning colours and contrast are WAY OFF

After white balance, cropping and scanning / converting, these are the results from a fuji RAW.
NLP is often blowing contrast and colour like this.
What am I missing here?

Need help on this before I consider PAYING for the software which is quite expensive in Australian Dollars.


Some follow up pics to help show the process:

The best result I could get after tweaking the conversion. Looks awful, not at all like a lab scan… The thing is, it’s so erratic, some shots of rolls it does great with, while others are blown out this way and beyond saving, like this one.

Hi Nicholas,
You seem a little hostile, but let’s try and see what’s up. The conversion has some heavy light seeping in around the edges, which suggests a less optimal scanning set up. Could you post a RAW file so we can try it out ourseves?


Have uploaded here (raw cant be directly linked using the site tools)

Sorry for the percieved hostility, it’s more just bewildered at how the software goes so crazy and concerned about paying for it and being stuck with results like above.


Hi @nicholasnicholas and welcome to the forum!

Hmm, I can’t seem to get that download link to the RAW to work, but I should still be able to help you out…

Basically, the initial conversion has just gotten a bit too aggressive here.… this can happen especially with scenes where there isn’t as much information for the analysis to work with, or with negatives that are either very dense or very thin.

Here are a few things to try that should improve your results:

  1. Try changing the preset setting from “NLP Standard” to “NLP Neutral”
  2. Adjust the WhiteClip and BlackClip settings to a negative number (like -10) and adjust these until the dynamic range fits more naturally
  3. Try using “Roll Analysis” to either create an analysis based on the entire roll, or use a “Single Image Calibration” from an image that turned out better and use it on this image. You can learn more about that here: Negative Lab Pro v3.0 - The Next Level of Film Processing

If after trying these things, you still see reverse vignetting in the sky, there may also be some opportunities to improve how these have been scanned. If that is the case, please share information about your film digitization setup, or review some of the best practices for DSLR scanning here.

Hope that helps!