Scanning multiple image files with an Epson v700 and Vuescan

I have an Epson V700 and am using a 35 film trays which can hold multiple film strips. Is there a way for Vuescan to scan all the frames (could be 16 frames) as images? Now I only get one frame per film strip.
If I want to use NLP it becomes a long process.

Vuescan’s multi-crop feature can separate multiple images in a single flatbed scan, e.g. when scanning a page of a photo album, but I have no idea whether it would work in your situation.

If not, it’s possible to use software to extract multiple images from defined regions of a TIFF. ImageMagick is the one that comes to mind, controlled by your favourite scripting language.

As mentionned by @Giordano, you can use the multi-crop feature. I’m not at my scan computer right now, but I know you can configure it this way. I use it to scan 120 on an Epson V850 Pro.
I think you will not have the automatic frame detection, and so will need to select each frame manually, though. With 2 or 4 6x9 negatives it’s not a big deal, but with 35mm its a bit more… tedious :upside_down_face: