Schneider APO 90mm f4.5 lens comparison

Anyone know that the difference is between these 2 lenses? How are they for camera scanning with bellows?

I wrote to Novoflex Germany about some questions on leses and adapters…nothing. I wrote to Novoflex USA, same deal…nothing.

Companies are terrible about answering emails. You wonder what the people do there all day…fondle their phones?

Best guess: It’s the same lens with different adapters to fit the respective bellows…

I don’t know either lens. Check into who is selling them to make sure they are reputable and accept returns in case you aren’t satisfied with the products. Most important with lenses. They should also be able to send you the spec sheets for the lenses, and those spec sheets should have the MTF charts which will tall you in a jiffy what to expect and what is different between them.

That would be great Mark, except Novaflex Germany / USA never answers their emails. Really sad Mark about the state of communication nowadays with some of these companies.

I’m also thinking of trying some APO Schneider or Rodagon lenses from eBay. Not returnable, but can be resold with affordable losses. (I hope.) China has them cheap. But knockoffs?

Oh well, taking my time.

Daniel, Novoflex in the US is represented by Mac Group at 75 Virginia Road, White Plains, NY 10603. You should be able to phone them at 914 347 3309 and discuss your requirements with them. However, at this link Contact Us | Novoflex, Novoflex claims they answer emails quickly. Don’t forget that on account of COVID a lot of company communication has been messed-up, so you may be a victim of this.

Oh and one more thing: be very careful who you buy lenses from on eBay. There are some real operators.

I am not sure why would you consider such a lens for scanning at all? This is not a macro lens. It may not be worth the money if used beyond recommended magnification ratio. Such lenses make sense if they can be bought under $100. If you can afford more - buy specialized macro lens with full integration with your camera. You also do not mention which film sizes you are going to scan which makes all the difference.

OK, thanks Mark and Vlad. As far as macro? I don’t know. It is what the company recommends. That was why I was asking for feedback as to value for $$.