Setting white balance

Hi, I’m using a mirrorless to scan my negatives, and I’ve been setting the white balance in LR with the eyedropper tool on the unexposed border of the image. Tonight I experimented with leaving the WB as ‘as shot,’ and letting NLP set the white balance during the conversion process. I seem to get better results with the second option, but am I missing something? Or maybe either method is valid? thanks.

Welcome to the forum, @Danonano

As you’ve found out, NLP is fairly tolerant towards what you throw at it.

In general, it’s a good idea to start with the procedures proposed by the guide, but you’re free to experiment with other procedures and settings and see what those alternative “recipes” cook for dinner.

Imo, whatever you do that produces the results you like is valid. Right and wrong are to be discussed by philosophers and lawyers rather than in creative arts…