Single frame negatives

Many of my 120 and 35 mm were cut at the lab, usually in strips of 4 frames. Some however are single or dual frames. Using a EFH for scanning. I’m having issues loading these small strips into the EFH. Looking for suggestions on how best to solve this problem. Thanks

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Could you maybe tape the short strip to the top of the mask, or make your own custom holder from thin black card or styrene sheet and fix that in the same way? If you have 4 narrow lengths of black ‘insulating’ tape with the end folded back on itself to allow for re- postioning and re-use this could be quite quick and should hold it flat, the EFH isn’t designed for short strips as you’ve discovered. With 120 there is an extra risk I suppose of reflections or shading close to the edges of the film from the internal surfaces of the EFH masks.

I’ve also seen someone else fix an enlarger negative holder to the top with velcro but that was for 35mm over the EFH medium format mask, may not work as well for 120.

I use Plustek OpticFilm Strip Holders for 120 roll film, 35mm film and slides. They easily hold single negative frames. They align against an adjustable guide on a work surface with interchangeable masks above the light source. The 120 holder adjusts to various formats.

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Most solutions for single frames fail to hold the film flat.

For single frames, my advice would be to mount them in a high quality transparency mount preferably with AN glass on the side facing the light source - Gepe or Wess mounts are recommended.

And remember to mask off the light source around the frame.

I have the same problem. I cut a cardboard pusher strip, same width as the film and maybe 6 inches long. I had to try different pieces of cardboard to find one that was the right thickness. Too thin and it goes over or under the film and doesn’t push. If you push the film too far you have to insert the pusher into the exit slot to move it back. With a little practice you get efficient at it. I realize this is the lowest tech way and may not hold the single frame as flat as some would want, but it still works pretty well. If you want the very best quality scan you may have to follow a different suggestion from the group.

EFH is certainly ill suited for such strips. You may want to switch holders . Here are the options: pixl-latr now offers mounts for type 120 single frames; all suggestions involving third party mounts are certainly valid; you can mount single frames in the slide mounts; for strips of four you can get VALOI 360 classic holder which easily handles strips as short as three frames.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

What is an EFH ? I’m not familiar with the abbreviation.

I don’t know what your set up is however, the Emma Icon film holders are made from two thin flat pieces of metal and you can easily hold a single frame in them. They stay flat and there is no need for glass.

There is a vendor on eBay, who makes custom Holders for the Icon and could probably make you a very small custom holder for single frames. The holders he makes are totally flat and connected at the end. So they open like a sandwich.

Essential Film Holder:

This was baffling me but it is a translation problem, it has come across as “Emma Icon Film holders” but what you mean is Imacon Film Holders, the guy from China, apparently very good.

His details in this thread:

As far as using the EFH for single frames, I’ve put quite a few of these into the EFH with success. I simply start the insertion and then use a scrap strip of film to then push into position. When finished, I then shove it out the other side.