Strange colours from one roll of film

Hi all,

I’ve been an NLP user for a long time now and have always had good results from it. However I have a recently digitised roll that’s givng me strage colour issues, wherein the greens in particular are very oversaturated and unnatural looking (see here: Dropbox - DSC00164.jpg - Simplify your life).

The film is Kodak Vision 50D, and I digitised a different roll of the same stock at the same time that converted fine. I was using two different cameras, and as you’ll see, there are some pretty bad film-door light leaks on the camera that contained the roll with the strange effect. Could this be the reason for the strange conversion?

Scanning set up: Sony A6500/60mm Macro well tried and tested in a pitch-black room with a good quality lightbox source.

Hmm, interesting.

There are definitely some localized variations in colors… for instance, parts of the sky has too much cyan and other parts have too much red. Usually, this means that something has gone wrong either with the development of the film, or with the setup (for instance, unmasked light causing reflections or flairs in the camera lens).

If you aren’t using a mask on your light source, it would be worth trying to see if that helps.

You can also try either turning down the contrast, or using a flatter tone profile (for instance, I like to use “Cinematic - Deep” when shooting 50D). This will at least make the variances less noticeable.

Hope that helps!

That’s helpful, thank you, Nate. My masking may not have been the best. I’d be surprised if it was a development error, since it was in the same tank as two other rolls, one 50D, one 500T, and these came out ok, but you never know…

I’ll experiment and update in due course. Thanks again.