Strange "layer" of noise with Coolscan 5000

Hi everyone.

I recently started scanning with my coolscan 5000ED and all of my scans have this layer of noise? The noise seems to load on top of the photo after its opened. Also when I preview the file, I get this scan lines, however there are no lines when the photo is opened, only when previewed and zooming in and out. The “noise” will briefly disappear while zooming, until it reloads back on top of the photo. Ive tried scanning with both silverfast and vuescan, both dng and tif. Has this happened to anyone else here?

Hi saffron,
Yes it did happen to me regularly and made me mad! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The only thing I found to fix it was… To wait, as it seemed to be heat related, like an old engine.

I kept the coolscan on, went on another chore or had lunch and it was usually back to normal after an hour.
Coolscan, alas doesn’t work on Mac, is slow and sometimes renders bizarrely. I’m now comparing it with the Valoi system and using a Nikon Z II with a 50mm Macro. Each system has its pros and cons