Student Discounts?

Hello! I have read on a couple of different sites about there being a discount for college students, however, browsing through the website I have not been able to figure out how to access it. Does anyone here know how to?


Yep, just email me at requesting the student discount, and include some for of validation that you are currently a student (most students send a picture of their student ID card).


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I understand that you are a busy man and email is certainly not known for speed.
It’s been nearly three weeks since I sent you an email and a copy of it via Instagram. It leads me to believe that my mail must have fell into your spam folder.
Could you please check? :heart:

Thank you.


I’ve just sent you a DM.


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Hi Nate,

I’m in a similar situation.

I sent an email from my uni address.


Dear Nate,

The same applies for me, I was wondering if you received my e-mail or it got blocked by a spam filter. Let me know if you received it properly!

Thanks in advance

Hey Nate, I’m in a similar situation as the other people here. Would truly appreciate if I could get the link, absolutely loved the trial version. Best, Max

Hey Nate,
Sent you an email several days ago, I’m not sure how long it takes you to reply.
Any update would be appreciated.


Hi Nate,

I emailed you regarding this as well. Thank you very much!

Hi Nate,

I would like to have the student discount as well if possible, I can provide you student ID. Please let me know as I am about to buy Negative Lab Pro for scanning my negatives!

Hey Nate,

I’d also like to have the student discount option as well, happy to send any details required, loved the trial so far!


Hi, Nate,
I’m in the same situation.

I sent an email from my college address.


Hey Nate,

I sent a message from my student email address.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Hi Nate,
I’m in the same situation. And I sent an e-mail from ‘parkandkim11’
Could you please check?
Thank you

Hey Nate, just sent an email with my student id, read on the forum that it take a little while. Thought might as well get a head start with letting you know. Thank you in advance I know you’re a busy guy. The email is from again thank you

Hi Nate,

How are you? I am also in the same situation, and I have sent you a email via Could you help me to check if you have recieved it? Thank you!


Hi Nate,

I emailed you my student ID! Could you please check it? Thank you for your time.