Suggested backlight sources for scanning film with DSLR

Note the imprint on bottom of the light panel: CN-T96_DB_V2

Can anyone identify this panel? Seems like a good light source.

As I got an email from Kaiser directly these days they told me that the older panels with CRI=88 are no longer produced since two years ago. The newer ones with CRI=95 are extra marked as that on the packaging.
They also have a so called FilmCopy Vario Kit with a holding device for 135 and 120 films and the LED light box. Here is the link in English:

For lovers of the german language here is the original text:

Sehr geehrter Herr Rester,

vielen Dank für Ihre Email.

Die Leuchtplatten der Serie slimlite plano haben alle einen CRI 95
wie es in unseren Unterlagen und auf der Webseite vermerkt ist.

Leuchtplatten mit einem CRI 88 sind bereits seit über zwei Jahren
ausverkauft und dürften schon lange nicht mehr im Handel sein.
Die “aktuellen” Leuchtplatten haben auf der Verpackung den Vermerk
mit einem CRI 95 aufgedruckt. Damit ist eine Unterscheidung ggf.
möglich um nicht doch noch eine alte Leuchtplatte zu “erwischen”…

Da wir nicht auf Amazon verkaufen, ist es sehr schwer, den leider
noch alten Wert aktualisieren zu lassen. Ebenso aktualisieren die
Händler nicht Ihre Webseiten, auch wenn man sie explizit darauf

Zur Digitalisierung von Filmmaterial gibt es auch das FilmCopy Vario
#2458 incl. der Leuchtplatte #2453:
Damit lassen sich Filmmaterialien von Kleinbild bis 6x9 per Kamera
und Makroobjektiv hochwertig digitalisieren. Mittels Dreibeinstativ
oder Reprostativ kann die Kamera dazu exakt ausgerichtet werden.

Gerne helfen wir Ihnen bei weiteren Fragen zu unseren Produkten

Freundliche Gruesse / Best regards

i.A. Andreas Haerlin
Techn. Support

@Richard1Karash I just Googled CN-T96 light panel and got a bunch of hits for the Nanguang CN-T96 video and product lighting kit. Not sure how or where he’s sourcing the exposed LED panel for his light box though, but I didn’t look into it much further.

Yes, on eBay, Nanguang CN-T96… I now have this. Opening up, it appears to be the same light panel as on Skier. Here’s a comparison with the Solux, a “gold-standard” backlight for camera-scan. Based on this, I can highly recommend buying the $50 Nanguang light. It is far brighter than Kaiser and the color is excellent. (One caution: Mine came with a European plug.)

Click on image to see in full fidelity.

This is the product. $35 with free shipping to the US.

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I’ve been using this little Logan 4x5 5600˚k box. Logan 4x5 light box

@mgilvey - just checked, and I can’t find a CRI value listed for that Logan box, which is usually a bad sign.

They are under Smith-Victors banner, I sent them an email to ask.

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The CRI for the Logan lightbox is 85.

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Re: the Skier product… This is fabulous! Just what I was looking for, I ordered last night and it shipped today.

I only wish I had seen this before spending way too much time and money assembling my own rig from various components.

Oh well, it was a learning experience to say the least.

Thanks for sharing!

There’s definitely a setup for slides! Flipping over the the 35mm carrier is made for just that!


I received my Skier Copy Stand today. Very quick shipment!

Only one problem…

I got the copy stand, but film box and holders missing!

@Richard1Karash , Did you have to order separately?

The light box (with the wooden box plus film holders) is a separate product from their copy stand. As I understand it, they are no longer selling it (may be a production issue?).

Bah! What a disappointment, The copy box is truly what I was interested in.

The copy stand is very good quality, none the less.

Looking for yet another solution.

Kaiser has one, but it seems expensive…

Yeah, I’m really interested to try that out, but agree that it is expensive. Plus, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t have the ability to advance each frame, so would be pretty slow to use.

You should also check out the MK1 from Negative Supply.

I have a beta unit on loan from them, and it is awesome. You use the knob to advance and align each frame. Here it is in my setup.

Super fast, super flat. Got through an entire roll of 35mm film in about 3 minutes, and the results were great.


Thanks for the suggestion. After looking further into the NegativeSupply unit, I’m thinking it’s pretty pricey too. It’s like $300 US, plus also limited to 35mm only.

I’ve decided to take a chance on the Kaiser unit.

Couldn’t find a dealer here in the states but Fotospeed in GBR has stock. I emailed them, and they told me that for 35mm film strips the pressure plate can be adjusted to easily just pull the film stock through, quickly advancing from frame to frame.

Plus, it seems much more versatile as it can accommodate any format up to 6x9, and mounted 35mm slides.

My only concern is that the 35mm mask looks a little “restrictive”, but I’m sure I can easily alter the opening when it arrives.

Not bad for $225!

BTW, you’re local to me, I’d be happy to lend it out, or show you my setup when it arrives.

Venture on over to East Kensington, and I’ll even buy you a drink in Fishtown sometime!

Thanks again for all your effort with NLP, it’s been a revelation to me!

Tony, write them; they are OK with English and reply in a day or two.

My understanding: The CopyBox and film holders are out of production right now, some kind of product problem, they expect to be able to offer them again in September.

As for your question on ordering, I don’t know. I just bought the CopyBox.

Thanks @Richard1Karash

I did email them, twice now. They offered no reply about the copybox. The copystand is a good value for the money paid, so I’m happy with that for now.

Skier copybox II in production and available in October. $189 USD gets you a 97CRI light source and holders for 135 format films and slides, plus all medium formats up to 6x9.

Looks like a bargain.

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Unfortunately I made a mistake with a cheap tracing panel so am looking for another option.

The Nanguang CN-T96 seems like a good deal. Do you have a holder for the film too or are you just placing it on top of the light?

No, you’ll need some diffusion. With this and most video lights you can see the individual LEDs. So, you’ll need to rig something to hold the light, the diffuser, and the negative/slide. Look for “stackable bamboo box 6x9” which are intended as drawer organizers.

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