Supported Scanner List for Vuescan RAW DNGs

Hey, I’m about to purchase NLP but concerned about whether the plustek opticfilm 7300 will be supported any time soon. I will send you a DNG though to make sure.

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I’ve been waiting as well, but looks like Nate is very busy at the time, and it’s totally understadable, hopefully with the new version!

Hi Nate, I use a Reflecta Proscan 7200 and there is no NLP profile for vuescan. I tried to perform raw DNG scans as indicated but lightroom shows me the negative profile lab pro v2.0 missing. The conversions I made have bad colors. Is there any possibilities to solve that?

@nate I can see support for the Opticfilm 8200i but not for the 7500i (understand these are the same model with software difference).
Would I be able to use the 8200i profile with my scans from a 7500i?
Happy to provide sample scans if you want to test it?

@nate tried to reverse engineer your .dcp files with Adobe’s DNG Profile Editor and my own scans.

Opened one of my NLP2.0 setting based DNG scans in the program and changed the embedded profile to the one of the 8200i v2 you provide as part of the v2 installation. I then exported the profile and imported it to Lightroom using your naming conventions.

It is still saying “Profile Missing” during the conversion but now giving me the option to choose the one I created myself once I apply the settings. However, colors are waaaaaayyyy off. So assume this is not the method you use.

Happy to help you set up more profiles if you’d like to share your methodology? Particularly want one that works with my Opticfilm 7500i.

Hey Nate,
I bought NLP today and slowly testing things out. I use the Reflecta MF5000 and Vuescan for linear RAWs and usually scanned them as raw TIFs. To understand and test the workflow of using raw DNGs I’ve followed your guide. Now that I’ve found this thread I see that my scanner or the equivalent Prime Film 120 PRO are not listed in the supported list. However I do see the profile of NLP 2.1 being applied after I use the “Update Vuescan DNGs” function and re-read the meta data. I couldn’t find the Vuescan profile file for my scanner in the supplied folder either so I wonder how/why it’s still able to update the DNGs and apply the profile if my scanner is seamingly not supported.

In case it would still be best to create a profile specific to my scanner, what kind of frame (lighting wise) should I send you?

Btw. I tried using the option “Image” as source inside Vuescan as stated in your guide but converting that scan with NLP resulted with a weird, slight color casts (yep, I did wb the border and cropped before conversion). Same frame scanned with the usual Vuescan source setting of transparency negative and the saved DNG turned out better after conversion with NLP.