The concept of color spaces give me dread

Hi! I have class in about 7 minutes so I’ll keep this brief.
I’ve been going through old boxes of family negatives with my DSLR and have been importing them directly into Lightroom after taking them. After discovering the concept of color spaces, I’ve had this seed of doubt growing in my mind about the possibility of not having the most accurate colors. Are color spaces something I have to worry about? When I drop my raw photos (.orf filetype) into “Jeffery’s Online Exif Viewer”, it states that it doesn’t have an embedded color space. Should I be concerned with how the colors are being interpreted by Lightroom?

You really shouldn’t have to worry about it… the RAW orf file doesn’t have a color space associated with it yet, as it is basically just the sensor value readings themselves - the raw engine in Lightroom turns these sensor values into usable RGB values (using the RAW profiles). Internally in Lightroom, everything is in something called “Melissa RGB” color space. It’s a very large color space which is good for editing internally without clipping colors. When you export the file (to be used on web or print) you will then have the opportunity to convert it into the color space that is appropriate (for web, it’s typically sRGB, for print, it could be sRGB or AdobeRGB or something else just depending on the printer).

Good to know that I’m not missing anything, thanks a bunch for the info!