Problems with Lightroom Flat-Field Correction


I’ve been using Lightroom’s built-in flat-field correction tool to great benefit with my scanned negatives, but I’m having an issue with some of them seemingly developing discoloration when doing so. I generally much prefer the evenness of the light across the frame with the flat-field correction, but I’m really struggling to figure out this discoloration issue.

My issue with this particular example is a blueish green discoloration present in the bottom corners that is not there in a real life, or in a conversion from the RAW file.

I’ve attached a link to Google Photos containing a RAW file, a DNG that has been flat-field corrected and converted using NLP, and the reference frame I used for the flat-field correction. I’m hoping someone can help me figure this out because I feel like I’ve almost perfected my workflow, but this problem is holding me back.

Thank you.


Just looking at your link at it looks like these are all JPG files, so I’m not able to replicate.

BUT, I do know that the Flat Field Correction in Lightroom is correcting both “Light Falloff” and “Color Cast.” (There is a way to have it only correct “Color Cast” but not a way to only have it correct “Light Falloff.”)

I wonder if you make sure that the white balance is the same between the two, if that would help? Of if you have the reference shot set to black and white, if that would help?