TIFF Files White Balance

Hello community,

So I’ve been self converting my TIFF files on NLP for awhile now and some film stocks looks good and some looks quite dull compared to my lab scans.

When doing some research on YouTube, I see people kept on using the white balance picker on the borders for TIFF files, even if the NLP guide advised not to do so which results in conflicting issues of me getting a proper scan per say.

So in short, here’s my workflow:

  • Scan positive via Epson v600 with Silverfast 9 SE at the highest bit TIFF file format, gamma 2.2
  • Import LR, crop borders and convert and that’s it.

In short, we shouldn’t really use the white balance picker anymore yeah?

NLP ver: v3.0.2

I’ve tried conversions with or without WB and NLP did a good job to not be bothered by that. Results looked different though and it’s completely up to oneself to decide which result one wants or likes.

Nevertheless, following the advice given in the manual is good practice.

As for cropping: I usually set border buffer values that make cropping unnecessary for the conversion. I then crop to taste, once that the image is converted and edited. Saves me from cropping of images that don’t make it to the end.

Thanks for getting back to me and yeah, its honestly a lot of confusion.

So after some testing, I’ve found that DNG files looks wayy closer to how the film should look compared to TIFF. However, issue is my silverfast 9 doesn’t seems to be able to batch export in DNG format so I’ll have to export per single frame…