[SOLVED] Blue cast in DNG but not TIFF

I’m having a problem with all my photos turning blue when converted from DNG. I’m using a V550 and VueScan to scan. I scanned several rolls and almost all of the photos have a blue cast on them. I’ve tried recropping them, etc per other threads, but nothing seems to work. Interestingly, I then tried doing both a DNG and TIFF scan. When I convert, here’s what I get for DNG (left) and TIFF (right):

As you can see, the TIFF doesn’t have the blue cast. What am I doing wrong?!?!?!?! Thanks for the help!

I have at least partly solved this. I hadn’t noticed in the documentation that you need to white balance on the edge of the negative. I’ve tried that it is significantly. The DNG’s are much darker than the TIFFs, but the blue cast is gone!

RAW files need to be white balanced (Lr’s auto-wb can also be used)
TIFF files should be left as is, don’t white balance TIFFs.

NLP does give a short description of how to do things depending on the setting of “Source”