Blue/teal cast!

Hello all!

Very new to all this so I apologize for not formatting anything correctly.

Currently using the trial version of NLP and Vuescan to capture a RAW DNG of my negative. When I bring the raw file to lightroom I follow all the steps in setting the profile and white balancing. I crop in the image to insure there is no border showing yet I still get a terrible blue teal cast over the entire image. What am I doing wrong?

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I’d try a tighter crop of e.g. the top righthand quarter of the image. Parts of the floor seem to be burnt, and that can throw NLP off.

You could also share the image on or any other shared service or volume so that we could try to see what needs to be done in order to get rid of that cast.

Hey! I tried cropping in tight on just the subject’s upper half and even still it’s casting blue. I’ve tried other images and it seems to be working better. Maybe it’s just this particular image?

Here’s the We Transfer link of the original tile if you want to try editing! Thanks so much.

Had a look at your file in LrC on Mac and found the following:

  • The vuescan profile was not loaded (even though it was there and accessible)
  • When I assigned the profile manually and converted the image, I got this:
  • When I followed instructions from NLP’s first tab…
    a) “Before converting, ensure that the ‘Negative Lab’ raw profile sets with no errors. If it doesn’t, hit ‘cancel’ below and run ‘File > Plugin-Extras > Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs’ and…”
    b) Read metadata from the file, the profile was found, but the conversion produced “the blues”.
  • Then, I followed instructions from NLP’s first tab again…
    a) “Before converting, …”
    b) “Read metadata from the file”, the profile was found and converted as shown above.

Tested with NLP 2.4.2, LrC 12.2.1 on macOS 12.6.4 on iMac 2019 (Intel, 27in 5K)

I guess that the file has an issue with how metadata was written. This seems to be a case that is probable enough to make @nate add those instructions.

Yes! Thank you so much. Seriously a huge help. Was not manually setting the profile before converting.

Very much appreciated thank you.

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You’re welcome.

One issue remains: Why don’t NLP/LrC detect the correct module?