Uninstalling LrC…

Hi, I need to uninstall LrC and reinstall, trying to clean a little on Mac Studio some troubles.
Do I have to redownload NLP or it will be stored inside the backup that I will before to uninstall?
Thank you
NLP 3.0.2
LrC latest version
macOS latest version. All updated.

Everything is stored in a backup, except for the things that e.g. Apple excludes like e.g. cache files and -folders. This also means that restoring a backup will not only bring back all goodies, but the “bad stuff” too. If you clean too thoroughly, you might miss an important piece and if you install from scratch, it’ll be quite an undertaking, specially if you have customised many settings in the system and the apps, including iDs and passwords for e-mail, websites etc.

Please note that Lightroom’s .xmp sidecar files cannot replace the Lightroom catalog. If Lightroom needs som cleaning up or if you want to shuffle folders in your archive, it is best done within Lightroom in order to keep all edits and metadata.

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Thank you very much very kind to explain it

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