Valoi easy35 now available

I just received the easy35 from Valoi in Finland. To say that it is the best thing since sliced bread is an understatement.Once you have figured out the best combination of the included extension rings & tubes, it is bullet proof.The light is bright and the colour is adjustable. Camera shake, especially with a remote, is a thing of the past. Focus drift is minimal. So far it is for 35mm only. Highly recommended.


Yes I totally agree.
I also used mine a few times now and it so fast and easy.
Specially because I use a Nikon D800 with macro for DSLR scanning, and the D800 has a very slow live view. But with the Valoi easy 35 I can look through the viewfinder of the D800 and “scan” a complete roll in under a minute. :heart_eyes:
Love it so far, specially with the duster attached to it.

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I’m using it as well and really enjoy it. Want to try the duster add-on they sell, but at $50 + $25 shipping I’ll just stick to using microfiber gloves and a blower. I’m very happy with the system.

Now that this has been out for a while, any more reviews? Has anyone encountered any issues? How good is the light source, especially in R09?

Also, I noticed that Valoi posted a Youtube video about correcting for vignetting in LR. Does the easy35 cause vignetting?

I found that the colour with NLP was excellent if one selects a good WB point on the negative.

I am reasonably sure that any vignetting is caused by the lens, not the Valoi. I use a Sigma Art 70mm macro and have had no issues.

Thanks! That’s the same lens I have, so that’s good news.

One more question, as I plan to order this weekend…

Is the duster attachment effective? I don’t mind the price if it substantially reduces dust spotting later, but if it doesn’t actually do anything, I might as well skip it.

I don’t have it. Someone else liked the idea but wasn’t satisfied with the shipping cost, if ordered on its own. Just means that if you want it, order it at the same time.

Well, I bought one of these and initially loved it until I started scanning night shots with deep shadows (thin density areas). It revealed that the light source is very uneven and cannot fully cover 35mm, leaving orange haze at the edges. I tried a zillion tests to confirm it was a problem with the light source, and the head of Valoi agreed, sending me a replacement light source (it’s a Vijim video light). After testing that, I found the same problem, and at this point Valoi was out of suggestions, basically claiming it was as good as it gets and that it is the fault of the negs I used as examples (!!!).

So my conclusion is that this is a flawed design that is fine for casual work, but for serious scans, especially thin negs or night shots/flash shots with black backgrounds, you need to remove the light source and hold a better one up against the back (Viltrox works well for me). It’s weird to have to do a workaround like this on such an expensive item, but I’m not going to return it because of the speed and convenience of the film holder part. But I must say, I do feel a bit ripped off. I hope they get some competition for this type of product soon.

I also have and I have mix feelings. Very convenient design, but for the price is a very low built quality… I mean, for charging 200e they should really move to injected plastic soon with proper screw mounts.

I have a first batch with lower price and is like, ok, you proved the idea works and we supported, now do the real thing…

and the dust cleaner I bought it because i just made the investment and ok, 40e extra, like the discount I’ve got fpr being early backer, but feels too expensive for a brush on a 3d printed support. Let’s see how much they charge for the slide… But probably, again, too much.

Btw, I got one roll scratched, I am not sure how it happens so I won’t blame easy35, but so fare is my only explanation.

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This makes me a bit nervous about this product. Most of the negatives I intend to scan is dark concert pictures.

BTW, are there any objective tests out there for easy35? All I can find are YT clips that seems to be more of paid adverts for the product that only tries to convince me how good this product is.