Valoi easy35 now available

I just received the easy35 from Valoi in Finland. To say that it is the best thing since sliced bread is an understatement.Once you have figured out the best combination of the included extension rings & tubes, it is bullet proof.The light is bright and the colour is adjustable. Camera shake, especially with a remote, is a thing of the past. Focus drift is minimal. So far it is for 35mm only. Highly recommended.


Yes I totally agree.
I also used mine a few times now and it so fast and easy.
Specially because I use a Nikon D800 with macro for DSLR scanning, and the D800 has a very slow live view. But with the Valoi easy 35 I can look through the viewfinder of the D800 and “scan” a complete roll in under a minute. :heart_eyes:
Love it so far, specially with the duster attached to it.

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I’m using it as well and really enjoy it. Want to try the duster add-on they sell, but at $50 + $25 shipping I’ll just stick to using microfiber gloves and a blower. I’m very happy with the system.