Variable pattern at scanning (not moire)

Hey guys,

I’m working with NLP since almost a year but there is something what I can’t get right.

Sometimes but not always I get a weird pattern at my images. First I thought that it must be my light source (I’m using a simple LED panel + 5DMKIV + 100mm f2.8) but then it would be at every image which is not the case or am I stupid? :sweat_smile:

Only thing that I noticed that I often happened with bright (foggy) images.

Thanks for your help!

Other example where I didn’t had the issue. Same film just a few frames apart.


Are you using any kind of holder between your film and the surface of the LED panel? If you place the negative directly on the surface of the LED panel (or directly on anything, really - glass, diffuser, etc), that might be causing this issue.

That would be the first thing I would look at!

The pattern changes while changing exposure time?

If so it could be interference between sensor and LED frequency.