Version 2.2 - Redish conversion result

Hi guys,

I am having troubles when i convert a same scan (tiff via Epson v600) on Version 2.2. The photo just seem red and brown-ish comparing to the Version 2.1.2 (what i previously have), with exactly same settings and steps, Noritsu and ‘standard’ color and settings and stuff.

I am new to NLP and was never tech savvy on lightroom and its settings. I just couldn’t figure out why and the previous version’s result just looks more lovely as expected.

PLEASE!!! Help needed :joy:

this is version 2.2.0

sorry one pic per post. Version 2.1.2 result below:

It looks like the v2.2 calculations added a bit too much magenta in this case, and richer shadows. Just move the “tint” slider more towards green to taste, and push up the “blacks” slider a bit. You may also want to add a bit of green to the “Shadow Toning” sliders.