Bad results after upgrade to 2.2

I`m and my friend have problems with color on NLP 2.2 too, but with DSLR scanning workflow.

Maybe we did shootings in trouble conditions, but all the time no one image is automatically converted with good result. We are shooting portraits and its very important for us to get the right or neutral colors, because we have the skin tone. Each Image we need to adjust manually - and light\contrast and color. Its not simple at first, but i have practicing and understood how to working all the sliders to get the best results.

With 2.1.2 we can setup really good, natural, saturated, color variated image. But after upgrade to 2.2, i cant repeat my results on images, that i already did with great result on 2.1.2 or below. Maybe with new images its not too much noticeable, but with old images Im already know, how they should to be and i cant to make good results. It may not be clear what I’m talking about without examples, but the same problem with each image. If with 2.1.2 after manually corrections i have neutral objects is neutral on image and at the same time i have truly colors in shadows\midtones\highlights, with 2.2 i cant to get the same colors. Or neutral objects are not neutral, or they are neutral, but all other with other tint. Or i get the neutral result, but color is not rich or saturated. I tried all the ways to work with color temperature tool, shadows\midtones\highlights corrections, but the best method was to downgrade to 2.1.2. Im not working with custom luts, styles, nuritsu\frontier style, just the basic converstion with default saturation, all camera profiles applies as usual.

Maybe version 2.2 theoretically, mathematically is much better, but on practice is not for me. It would be good to add “the legacy style conversion method” as an alternative in future versions or fix this. I`m saw some topics with similar problems, but, anybode, do you have problems with the color after the update or am I the only one have?

Please help us help you by posting screenshots of an image and its conversions done in 2.2 and in 2.1.2 or earlier. Providing an original raw file can help too. :+1:

Yes, I’m working on something like “process versions” - where you choose which engine you want to use, or even make adjustments to the engine itself.

Still, it should be fairly simple to get the same or much much better results using v2.2. If you want to post a link to a sample RAW that is giving you trouble (or email it to me at, I’d be happy to take a look. It’s possible that something else has gone wrong, or there may be something about the file that is giving v2.2 trouble.