Weird casts on scans

Hello guys hope you’re good, so i’m
scanning my 120 by using 2 pieces of anr glass and a raleno light table but i’m getting those weird yellow orange casts on my scans… does anyone have any solution of it ? thanks !

Cover light from the light source outside the film area.
Clean your lens.

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This is light spill.
The negatives should be masked off.
In fact the whole set up should be masked off from ambient light if you want to avoid loss of contrast, colour casts, etc.

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Thank you very much, it looks way better now (did a quick scan just to test…) and yes i’ll clean the sensor and lens :sweat_smile:

thanks !! i would like to know if i can use a diffuser instead of masking the whole light source as i have a dedicated film holder for 35mm…

There are a number of factors at play with regard to lighting in this situation.
First the negative or transparency should be masked off from the light so that the light shines only through the actual image area of the negative - nowhere else. This can be done with a dedicated film holder or even black card.
Second, scratches and imperfections will show less if the light itself is diffused - e.g. through a sheet of milky perspex.
Third, when taking the photos, the room lights should be turned down or a black tent of some kind e.g. black card should be put around the whole set up.
The purpose of all this is to prevent any light reaching the lens from outside the area of the film itself. Any stray light (light which is not from the actual image area) degrades image quality.
Finally of course, the lens, the sensor and the film must be spotlessly clean!

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thanks so much ! i’m sorry for the late response but what’s the best way to mask light? (the tape keeps peeling off…)