Weird Moiré pattern on my scans

Hello All,

I’m new to this forum and just got an Epson Perfection V370 Photo scanner. I tested it with some old negatives from when I was a baby and every single scan got this effect. I scanned with Epson Scan and in preview the scan looked even worse. After the first scans I cleaned the outer side of the glass, near the calibration area and the effect remained. Has anyone ever run into a similar issue, or can help me with what might be the problem?


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I see horizontal lines as if the image had been taken from a TV screen. They also look like the scanner drops lines. I suppose you have removed all the transport security tapes and screws, and if you have the scanner might need repairing or different settings.

Have you scanned the negative with different resolutions? If so, do those scans also show such lines?

Thanks @Digitizer,

What do u mean by drops lines?
I haven’t removed any tape or screw since I got it, just wiped the outside of the scanner glass. I did scanned with higher and lower res but the lines still remained. I’m assuming the problem might be in the scanner’s hardware by now.

“To drop” is the contrary of “to pick up”. I use it as a verb, to describe what the scanner does. It doesn’t pick up everything, one of the sensors is not working properly, and therefore, it looks like it drops lines.

If this should be the case, the pattern should have the same orientation from a scanner point of view. The pattern will not change orientation, even if you turn the original by 90 degrees and with every original would show the patter, negative, transparency, old analog print or even a piece of paper…

It’s not looking promising but you could at least try another cable.

@Digitizer, thanks, I think that’s the case since I scanned with an analog print, slightly rotated and the lines were oriented towards the scanner position as you can see in the image below.
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-14 at 22.48.35

Could the sensors have been damaged in transportation? The scans from the previous owner were the ones below and they were alright.

Yes, they could have been damaged, e.g. by the breaking of a solder connection, a ribbon cable that has been misaligned etc. Many things can go wrong with a precision piece of kit … but that does not mean that that was what actually happened.

When I bough a new scanner (for non-photography use) a while ago, I found that there were many positions with the infamous blue tape fixing things that shouldn’t move during transport. With a second-hand unit, all these transport security tapes were already removed by the previous owner(s), raising the risk of damage during transport.