Yellow spots in the middle of my Mirrorless Camera scan

Hello, I’ve been having this issue with scanning my negatives where the middle part becomes really yellowish. On the negative, this spot turns out purpleish. I use a negative carrier to make my negatives flat, and I created a small mask for my film. im not quite sure what is causing this issue. Here is an example, if anyone can offer some help!

When you say ‘On the negative this spot turns out purpleish’ are you also implying that if you held it up to the light or put it directly on to the lightbox you can’t see this purpleish area?

Can you post a photo of your digitising setup and some detail about the gear you use as well as the age of the negative(s)?

The purplish bit only comes up on the scan, it isnt on the physical negative when held up to light.

I’m not able to get to my digitizing setup right now, but I use a tripod with a level, an LED light pad I got from amazon, a negative holder I got from amazon, and for my camera I use a sony a6000 with a TTartisan macro lens and I shoot at f/8. If I’m able to later on today, I can post a picture.

Thanks, well that’s extremely weird of course, do you get the same patch on other scans? Have you tried simply reducing the exposure by about 4 or 5 stops and just photographing the light source with no negative?

No need for a photo, thanks for the description of your setup.

One thing that can spoil camera scans is stray light that enters in between the negative and the lens, which is why it’s a good idea to screw the negative holder onto the lens, like e.g. the Nikon ES-1 and ES-2 adapters. Shooting in a dark room and with a longer focal length macro lens can work well too.

I think Digitizer has cracked it, it looks very much like the area of a reflection that you might get off a piece of film that was bowing slightly towards the camera.