Discoloration in camera scans

Discoloration in camera scans

I’ve recently done my first own digital camera scans, after previously letting my lab scan all my 35mm negatives. I use my Canon EOS RP with an adapter for Olympus OM-system lenses and a Zuiko 50mm f1.8 lens with extension tubes. I used my iPad as a light source, in a dark room. As a film holder, I use a 3D printed holder. I did shoot the “reflective” side of the negative, which I have seen people say could lead to issues. Haven’t tried shooting the other side of the film yet. I also didn’t block out light coming through the sprocket holes, which I didn’t know I was supposed to at first.

In these scans I experienced a very awful looking yellow-ish band (as seen in the image below). It’s present in a lot of images, most obvious in bright photos of skies etc., and always in the same place. You can see it in some darker images as well, but not all. I obviously don’t have a perfect setup, so there’s a lot of places where issues could arise. Because of this, I don’t know where to start debugging, and all help and pointers as to what could create such problems is much appreciated. I tried using my parets very basic 35mm film scanner and the discoloration was not visible there, so I know it’s something in my scanning process.

Thanks in advance!
Skärmavbild 2024-01-25 kl. 21.43.42

Presumably you’re talking about colour transparencies rather than negatives but it would be useful to have confirmation. A standard ‘non macro’ lens with extension tubes is not ideal and appears to be causing vignetting in the corners but it wouldn’t cause this of course. It’s likely to be a reflection off the top of the film I would have thought, possibly originating from the light coming through the sprocket holes and reflecting off your lens. Is it not visible through the viewfinder when you take the shot?

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