Anyone bought the new Negative Supply carrier?

Anyone have experience with this company? Or have pre-ordered their new carrier? They said it’s gonna ship on February and it’s been a month and nothing gets shipped. Asked them and they say it will be “soon.”

Are they legit? It’s more than a thousand dollar purchase with no return policy. Thanks everyone!

Negative Supply is absolutely legit. They build great products and I’ve always had a good experience, but I know their lead times have been pretty long recently.


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They’re legit, I recently received a couple of new full border carriers. I’ve been building the kit for the past 6 months probably, the results are the best I’ve ever had. I will probably rescan everything.

Is it the new 120 full border scanning kit? Do you know when did you ordered them? It’s been more than a month for me and the only emails I received are their promotion emails, no updates and no one answer the phone, which leads me kind of worried. Thanks!

I placed the order on January 15, for the 120 full border cassette that started shipping in February.

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I’ve ordered from them before, but usually through B&H and received the items very quickly.

When I ordered direct through them its seems like another story. The email I received on my order said it will ship in 7-10 business days. Its now been 14. So even though they make some great, stuff, their communication to the customer doesn’t seem on par with what is usually expected for a premium product.

Perhaps higher than expected sales and limited production are making lead times longer than they planned?
I’ll keep waiting knowing I’ll get what I ordered, and being of the generation who sent box tops away for a toy, then waiting six weeks or more for it to show up, this seems kind of familiar, but still annoying in this Amazon, “get it tomorrow world”.

Not letting them off the hook, businesses need to communicate what they are going to do, then actually do it. At the very least, communicate to the customer if something changes. IMHO

For me it’s 41 days (ordered 2/2/24) and there’s no updates at all. The online chat said they are going to ship my order this week, but until now I see nothing. No one answer the phone and no one reply the email. I would say it’s the most terrible experience I ever had. They only work 4 days a week and Friday is off. Really hard to get in contact with them.

"41 days with no updates is some terrible service. I’d say keep sending messages. Hopefully they get the message and reply.

edit to add. Perhaps scheduling a Concierge 1 on 1 chat with AJ Holmes here. Concierge — Negative Supply. Let them know your scanning needs are for your order to be fulfilled. :stuck_out_tongue:

New sales usually seem to get people motivated.

Thanks! I will try to reach out them through this concierge service.

Let us know if you get ahold of anyone and how it turns out.

I got in touch with them through phone, after around 10 no answers. They say they are having back log of 200 ish orders and they are only 12 people team. They provided me a tracking number but it’s not being picked up yet. Don’t know if they actually shipped it or not

Glad you got ahold of them. Bummer the tracking isn’t helpful.

They seem to be behind on fulfilling orders but sure are right on time will billing! LOL, already charged my card but haven’t shipped or communicated with any updates.

Hopefully you will get your order soon.

Carriers seem to be on stock at B&H. Get one from them and cancel your order with NegSupply?


You are absolutely a genius! Never thought about B&H lol

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Just to chime in. I’ve ordered plenty of things from Negative Supply and although most purchases were shipped promptly, (except for something that was clearly labeled to ship at a later date) I only had one poor experience. Their Basic Riser MKII copy stand was of terrible quality and couldn’t keep my modest set-up straight without tilting. I requested a refund, and although they accepted, it was only after multiple attempts at getting a hold of them through what was apparently a defunct email address. I mailed back the equipment the 29th of one month (estimated 3 day shipping) and on the 23rd of the next month, I had to reach out to them to request an update on the refund. magically the refund appeared within 24hrs of that follow up email.

Overall I’d say they must be a very small team with lots on their plate. Luckily they make good quality and well thought out products… although I can’t fully get behind their pricing.

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Mine is out for delivery today, we’ll see how it’s gonna work. I’d say if BH have them in stock then contact NS for a refund and buy from BH. BH’s customer service is much better and you can see what’s in stock and what’s not.

Anyway the first step is to get in touch with them if you need. You probably need to call their number multiple times and someone will answer. Email/chat answers very slowly.

I ordered 12/31 - pretty large order, full kits for 120mm and 35mm, heavy stand, light etc etc

So far - nothing received

Took me several attempts to get a response by email, the last times I was told by Rick “end of this week”… which hasn’t happened. So twice an incorrect answer

I am sure they have a good product but they get 2 things wrong:

  • they don’t update customer’s proactively
  • when they provide a shipping date, it does not hold

Not really customer centric …

bye, Peter

Yes, it will always be “soon” or “this week.” You will need to call their number multiple times and reach some one and complain about your situation. They might not answer the phone every time, so you will need to try hard, keep calling them until someone gets the phone. Waiting for nearly three month without updates is 100% not acceptable.

I also have difficulties on reaching them through email or chat.

If the item you are looking for is in stock in BH, get it from there, they have a much better customer service.

I agree they definitely should hire someone to handle communications. There’s no “updates” on their current situation such as “we need extra time for product xxx” or alike. Very frustrated on waiting without any information.

They also charged me shipping on a thousand dollar purchase. This is ridiculous as well. Never paid shipping for something over 500 dollars unless it’s a really bulky thing.

I made a big order a while ago and it took a long time to arrive. Similar experience trying to get a hold of them. I think I emailed them 5 or 6 times without a response. Finally got a response when I sent a DM on their instagram which was vague and unhelpful.

As for the scanning kit. The full border 35mm scanning set up is great. 120 is good but if you have a curly negative you will not be able to get the negative flat enough to make a good scan of it. If you have the ability I would recommend sleeving and flattening your negatives for a few days under some heavy books for best results.