Apply selected Border Buffer as a crop of the positive conversion/preview?

I asked for this as a new feature, but wanted to know if there is an easy way to do this with a preset?

To be clear I am looking to do this:

  • Select a Border Buffer
  • Covert the negative(s)
  • Apply the Border Buffer used for conversion as the crop of the positive conversion/preview

Gotcha! That makes sense.

I’ll have to think about how that would fit in… I’m working on more tools related to cropping in upcoming releases, so it might fit into that, or be solved another way.


Thanks Nate, looking forward to the results.

I think that we’ve already “talked” about automatically cropping camera scans?

Often, the scans contain either “white” or “black” areas caused by film rebate or negative holder. If that excess material could be cropped off automatically, the overall conversion process could be sped up considerably. Autocrop would have to include some rotation to make it perfect. The following example shows a scan that needs both rotation and cropping:

If we think further, we’d also welcome automatic transformation, e.g. for cases in which the optical axis wasn’t aligned properly. Automatic alignment in Lightroom (and other apps) usually seems to work from the center outwards. Reversing this direction could help in our case though, but would still need some slack, e.g. because of elongated corners as shown in the screen above.

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Yep, working on including auto-rotations, auto-transformations, and compensation for elongated corners, like in the example. With enough detection accuracy, it is all possible.