Intelligent Cropping of Negative Scans

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I’m trying to work out ways to optimise my negative scanning workflow, and wonder whether anyone has any ideas on how to automatically crop scans to the edge of the scan, preferably in batches.

As it stands, I crop each scan individually, but figure that there must be some better ideas being used.

In theory, I guess it might be even possible to write code to intelligently recognise each edge of the scan and crop accordingly?

Appreciate any ideas.



I’d look at Imagemagick (

It’s possible that I’ll add something in the future that can auto-crop the negatives if there is enough interest in this…

There’s a free script and plugin here that is proof of concept (not my creation):

It’s pretty basic in terms of what it can do, is easily thrown off, and installing it right now is definitely not for the average user. But shows a working method for how it can be done.

It uses OpenCV, which I think is much better suited to this task than ImageMagick.


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Auto Cropping in an intelligent way would be great.

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Is there a doc how to integrate this to LR for Windows - Step by step?

No, just the directions in the github repository. It is definitely not for the average user to attempt, and would require a pretty good knowledge of things like linux, bash, and installing open source packages. Be prepared to do a lot of googling and a decent amount of banging your head against the wall :wink:

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