Are these Lightleaks, Lensflares or something else?

Hello. I have an issue with my camera and I am not sure where to ask, so I try it here.
Last September I brought my camera to be repaired and cleaned. (There was an issue with the Rangefinder).

Since then I took only few pictures, due to a stressful semester at uni. Now I developed a few rolls and many pictures exhibit the same two issues. One looks like a lens flare, it is always at the same position on the pictures, however before the camera was repaired I can’t see this flare on my pictures.

The second is an overexposed area of the frame in the upper sixth of the picture.

Down below I attached a few examples. Does anyone know what is up?

Kind regards Felix

Looks like some internal reflection…

  • Does the flare stay where it is when you change the lens?

Have you checked the shutter for a hole that might have been burnt in?


Thanks for the answer! I only have one lens, so it is hard to test!

It didn’t occur to me that I maybe have a hole in the shutter curtain. Thats a great idea, would certainly be consistent with the spots appearing at the same position. Do you know how to best check for that? I tried shining a light at it in a dark room but couldn’t make out a spot.

Zoom and change focusing distance to see if anything changes…or drill a hole in a camera bayonet cap and use it as a pinhole camera.

Remove the lens a take a few shots of a bright light - not the sun !!! If there is a hole, the flare should be in slightly different places if the light is in different places.

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With a hole in the shutter the bright spot would be worse the longer the time between exposures with lens cap off. A few frames in quick succession would not show this. Is that what you see? This looks like a light leak.

I would take it back to the people who did the cleaning/repair and ask them to take a closer look - especially if the problem occurred after their work. They should have the means to check for light leaks and shutter issues.

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I don’t suppose it’s a Leica M is it? If it was then it’s easier to check because you can lift the rear flap and put the camera over a box with a phone LED shining upwards so that the only light you could see would have to come through the shutter curtain. Check before and after the shutter has fired.

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