Automated Conversion on Input

I have been using the plugin successfully to process thousands of photos that I am camera scanning for a single person’s archives, but I would love if there were a way to automate the conversion through, say, the watch folder feature of Lightroom.

Basically I have settings that work 90% of the time the way I like them to, and I just want to be able to auto-initiate the plugin without the interface popping up, and simply apply the auto conversion as is (I can always go in and change them later if so desired).

With Jeffery Friedl’s “Folder Watch” plugin you can trigger a lua script on import, so I was poking around in the NLP plugin package to see if there was a way to initiate it by running one of the scripts, but I don’t really know my way around Lua. This way I could set a dedicated computer to run through conversions while scanning continues to happen-- otherwise the resources of a single machine are too bogged down to run Sony’s controller software and NLP at once-

Alternatively I would like to be able to simply run the conversion on a few hundred photos and leave it overnight, but it always seems to crash with ~100 or more photos selected (no matter what OS I’ve tried).