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Hi Forum, is there anyway to automate Lightroom with NegLabPro? I found all my settings in NegLabPro and would love to automate LR with a preset, so that just with one click in the preset section my dng is converted without going through file> extensions> neglabpro> convert. Am I missing something (LRs UI is terrible)? Admins pls feel free to move this post if I am off topic.

I found the hotkey of ctrl-alt-n works very well after it is installed. NLP comes up instantly and has the last used settings. If you know all your settings, you will only need to use the hotkey and the concert button. It will convert a selected group of negatives as well.

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thanks @tedpartrick. being able to select groups and converting them all at once already helps a lot.

That’s kind of the point of “batch mode” in Negative Lab Pro. Watch this, starting at 4:33:

Batch mode will individually evaluate each image and create the right settings for you for each frame.

If you want to do something that is closer to copy/paste of a settings, you can use the “sync scene” feature. (If you use Lightroom’s own copy/paste of settings, it won’t carry over the metadata that NLP is adding to images, that enables it to be further edited in the future).

You could try to take an individual conversion and turn it into a preset in Lightroom, BUT you will find that this will only be hit or miss because presets aren’t really able to adapt to the variable nature of film scans (variances in density, your settings or exposure when scanning, etc). If you do a preset, you always won’t have access to NLP for further editing of the photo (because it relies on the underlying image analysis it does during conversion in order to make further edits).

Hope that helps!

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