Save file in NLP?

How do i save a converted file in NLP ??


I’m not sure what you mean here by “save.”

The way Lightroom works is that all of the edits you make are “non-destructive” to the original file. The edits/settings themselves are always being saved via metadata, but the original file on your hard drive is not changed. When you are ready to share your edited file outside of Lightroom, you will want to “export” the file with the appropriate settings. Your export settings will depend on how/where you intend to use the file.

Does that answer your question?


Hi Nate

I mean, I don’t know how to save the image result after the procedure in Negativ Lab Pro. I’ve probably missed something.

I also missed the “Hotkey” installation, but I manually use Lightroom - Archives - Plugin.

Overall I am very satisfied.

Bo Svahlin


After you’ve converted and edited an image with Negative Lab Pro, you simply hit the “Apply” button at the bottom and it will save both the result and the settings themselves. So, for instance, if you need to re-edit a past conversion, you can re-open Negative Lab Pro on an image, and it will remember all the previous settings you had on it, So you can pick up exactly where you left off.

This isn’t “saving” a new file… just the settings being applied by Lightroom on the file. If you want to share this file with someone else, you will want to “export” it, which creates a new file where all of the settings are already “baked” in to the file.