Best Sony e-mount macro lenses for scanning?

Hello! I have the Samyang 100m f2.8, I thought this would be a great choice since it’s a longer focal length, but you actually have to still get quite close to fill the frame, which seems to lead to the orange vignette problem.

Does anyone have recommendations for a good Sony lens?

According to this database, the following lenses do best:

These are just the top 7 prime lenses between 20 and 200mm as ranked for sharpness on a Sony A7R Mk IV. Your mileage may vary and you can easily filter the database according to your needs and see what is “best” in your context.

Please note that the data probably don’t include results from measurements at macro distances and that the word “Macro” on a lens does not necessarily mean that you can shoot 1:1 without further equipment.

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Ahh cool thanks I’ll check out that post you mentioned. I’m definitely happy with the sharpness of this Samyang, it’s pretty fantastic for the price but it seems to have issues with these orange blotches from light bouncing around I guess

Beware, the blotches might have other causes. There are a few posts in the forum that deal with these effects. Search the forum for “yellow” and “blotch” to find some of these posts.

I think I’ve mostly ruled out the other causes, they might be still contributing, but a big portion of the orange seems to disappear when I shoot from 5 or 6 inches away, it just fills a pretty small part of the frame unfortunately.

I wasn’t sure if I should just try a different focal length, or if the design of this particular lens is contributing, 100mm sounded like plenty but I didn’t spend enough time figuring out the actual distances you’d have to be to (mostly) fill the frame

I don’t know why you are getting the orange vignetting, I use an A7R3 with a Tamron 35mm 1:2 macro lens with 2 macro tubes and it works fine but the actual distance to the film is about 2 or 3 inches, there’s no orange vignetting.
Ideally I’d like to use the Sony 90mm Macro but alas I sold mine long before I realized it would be ideal for photographing negatives.


Interesting, maybe it’s this particular lens design. It’s barely noticeable in brighter photos, but anything at night you can definitely tell