Borders at export or even specific camera frames


it would be great to be able to add borders after export to TIFF for example.
It could be classic black borders (with width ajustable) and also some classic camera negatives framings also (ex : the iconic Hasselblad 500 negative frame, with those two little cutouts/notches on the left side of the image and the other 4 in the corners)
I know this would be cheating if cropping, but I like how it looks with these frames :slight_smile:


If you want a classic, width adjustable border at export, I can highly recommend LR/Mogrify:

It adds a whole set of post-process actions you can use at export:


Select the “outer borders” action, and click “insert” and then you will have this options at the end of the Export options:

Works like a charm!

I’ll have to think about classic framing… it does feel a bit like cheating, and would be hard to make it not feel fake, but let me think about it…


Would removing the crop after conversion not achieve this goal? Assume it would have to be done prior to TIFF copies being made.
Crop -> Convert -> Apply -> Remove Crop -> Save TIFF copy?
Obviously, in this scenario you are stuck with the film border you have scanned though.

Maybe I misread the request…

Yes, of course if you have captured the borders in scan, you can keep them in the output.

The simplest thing to do would be to use the included “Border Buffer” setting in Negative Lab Pro to ignore a percentage of the image around the border during conversion analysis…

But of course, crop in Lightroom is non-destructive, so after conversion you can always crop however you want.


Hello Nate,

thank you for your quick answer.
Yes I used LR/Mogrify to do that before.
But now I’m on macOS Catalina and I have crashes with LR/Mogrify…
(see :

And besides that, I would prefer to have all in one plugin, and to export the border when I export the TIFF from your plugin (I mean the “TIFF copy option”)

To clarify my need :
I want to add these extra borders only when I crop the original image of course.
If I don’t crop I can scan a little larger than the negative and use the original framing as borders.

But when I need to crop a little, I lose the borders from the negative frame.
So if I could had a border again at the export (without using LR/Mogrify, as I’m not sure the developper will update it for Catalina OS one day…), it would be nice. And the cherry on the cake would be to be able to even export with the original framing of the Hasselblad, but I agree it could look fake as it would be too “perfect” probably.


Gotcha. Have you tried the solution for LR/Mogrify that was in the link you sent? (

And you can now do exactly what you’ve described by setting up a custom export preset… the basic procedure would be as follows:

  1. Go “File > Export”

  2. Click on the “NLP - Positive Copy TIFF” preset on the left (you may need to expand the “Negative Lab Pro” menu in the left pane to see it). This will load the standard settings for the positive TIFF copy function.

  3. Add the LR/MOGRIFY post process action to add the border. You can also modify other settings, like name, color space, etc…

  4. On the preset menu on the left, click “Add” to add this as a new export preset (otherwise it won’t be saved). Call it something like “NLP - Tiff Copy w/Border”. I would recommend putting it in a custom folder, like “NLP - Custom Exports”, in case you want to have other custom NLP options.

  5. Cancel the export for now.

  6. Now, in the library or develop panel, this export preset will be available to use anytime… “right-click > export > NLP - Tiff Copy w/Border”. Doing this will replicate the behavior of Tiff Copy, but with your added features added. No need to open Negative Lab Pro (in fact, you won’t be able to access this custom tiff copy preset from there…)

Hope that helps!


I reinstalled LR/Mogrify plugin, with the fix indicated it seems to work now.
Thanks for this TIFF preset creation suggestion Nate.
I already do that when I crop a negative.
I works great for my Rolleiflex as there are no specific looking borders.
But I miss the Hassy frame look when I crop my Hasselblad pictures :grin: Anyway, at least there is no cheat :wink:

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Just to get the final word on my Catalina crashes, they were only due to a bad additional memory bank…
I just removed this additional bank, leaving only the original Apple memory, and it never crashed again !

I found a PSD for the Hasselblad borders look :
But it is not adaptable to any image size :slight_smile:

Anyway, I manage my “straight” black borders exports when I crop with LR/Mogrify and it works fine now.