Can't get rid of orange vignette

I’ve tried everything I can, but dark photos always have this orange vignette. I block all the extra light from my light table, the light table was one recommended here in the forums, I disabled lens correction, I turn off all the lights in my room so there’s no ambient light and the exposure is quite fast. I also shoot the matte side of film. I’m using a Samyang 90mm Macro lens with the hood on.

I can’t think of anything else to try. The only thing left really is reflections from the lens? Any other ideas? It’s not too bad in these particular photos but sometimes it’s really distracting to have the corners glow

I tried re-shooting with the lens further away, it does seem to help a bit. Does anyone have a lens which works flawlessly for this use-case? I’m using an a7iii at the moment

I guess for reference, does anyone actually get clean blacks in their scans? Maybe this is just an inherent issue with mirrorless/DSLR scanning?

Try using Lightroom’s built-in flat field correction-it should completely eliminate this issue from your film scans. You can search this forum for more info.

Did you try turning on lens correction instead of turning it off?

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Looks like the lens you use has some vignetting. You can try to counteract the effect using Lightroom’s vignetting tool.

I’ll give that a try! I had never heard of this feature, but it looks really helpful thanks

I get the same issue but I believe it has nothing to do with the dslr scanning process. If you shoot the same photo digitally you won’t get that issue. I feel it’s more with the current way negative lab pro converts the image. I fix this in camera raw or lightroom through split toning. Adding a few points of a cyan hue to the shadows helps a lot.

Yeah that could definitely be the case. Next time I’ll try cropping further before converting, maybe that’ll help NLP skip the vignette.