Choice of sub folder for TIFF/JPG export

Hi Nate, This is a similar request that @Cozy61 asked for (choice of subfolder for TIFF/JPG copy). In my workflow I have a folder containing raw image captures, a folder containing the NLP images, a folder containing exported TIFFs and a folder containing exported JPG final images, all for each roll of film scanned. Each film is identified with year/unique film number
Importing into LR6 copies the raw files into the appropriate NLP working directory
The feature I’d really like is for “export as TIFF” to be able to specify the subfolder/location to receive the exported files.
As Cozy61 said, I have to drag/cut/paste but workflow would be easier if this could be added

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You can do that already using the new export service added in v2.1

  1. Go to “file > export” on a photo
  2. Select the “NLP - Positive Copy - TIFF” preset on the left pane
  3. Under the “export location” settings, select “put in subfolder” and name the subfolder whatever you’d like.
  4. On the left pane, select “Add” to make this into a custom export preset. You name this preset whatever you’d like, and put into a subfolder, like “NLP - Custom”. Now, you will have this export option in the export menu, and you can use it contextually by right-clicking images.
  5. To use it now, just select the images you want positive tiff copies of, right-click the image or image group, select “Export” and you should see your new preset in the list.
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Many thanks, I searched the forum and came across Cozy61’s post and assumed it wasn’t available. I was using “export with preset” which always put the TIFF in the same directory.
Thank you!