Include "Make Copy" [area] fields' states as part of saved settings

Hi Nate,
I’ve just purchased NLP (last night) and am working my way through converting my father’s old negatives from the 1980s.
Here is the issue I have (very easy to fix by the way, in any incremental future release).

When I have done the conversion of my negative DNG, I always click on…

-“Make Copy”

  • leave it as TIF
  • Select “Add Subfolder”

I always save in a subfolder to keep my DNGs and TIFFs separated for easy file management outside of LR.

However, when I choose to save settings, the states of the 3 settings for “Make Copy” tickbox, the TIF/JPG [drop-down selection] and the Stack w/Photo | Add Subfolder [drop-down selection] settings are not saved.

I have to always do these extra few clicks on every negative I convert.
This is a bit of a pain.

Any chance you can include these three fields’ states in the saved settings, so they are pre-loaded/set on future openings of NLP?

If it can’t be easily added to the saved settings, how about a “save the current state of NLP dialog-panel upon exit/closing” option, so it launches with the exact same options set for those 3 fields?


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