Controlling EXIF data added to keywords and caption

I am trying to control what (if any) NLP metadata gets written to keywords and caption when a positive TIFF is created. I have resorted to manually deleted all of the (to me) extraneous information that gets added and gums up my online display of images.

I really like the NLP Metadata, but I don’t want it slapped into all of my images as captions and keywords that cause me extra work.

I hope I’m just overlooking something obvious.

Well, I seem to have found it for Export: A whole bunch of options are available on the export dialog. I mean a WHOLE BUNCH of options. These look like exactly what I wanted.

Do they settings carry over to the super handy “Make Copy” on the NLP dialog…I will determine that experimentally. I certainly hope that they do.

No, those settings don’t carry over to the “Make Copy” option on the NLP dialog. However, you can save whatever settings you want to create your own “Export Preset” - which is then accessible anytime by right-clicking on a photo (or group of photos) and selecting “Export” and then choosing the export preset you had saved.

That works. I have export presets. I did discover that apparently when I set some of the fields it tickles a bug and the export fails. I posted separately about that.

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