Keywords are mangled when producing positive files

When I create a TIF positive file the keywords attached to the TIF file are wrong. If a keyword on the RAW file is in a hierarchy, every keyword in the hierarchy is attached to the TIF file, even though they were not attached to the RAW file. That produces a lot of extraneous keywords.

Worse is the fact that the keyword at the bottom of the hierarchy, the only one that should be attached to the TIF, is assigned to the TIF but is not part of the hierarchy. It is now an independent keyword. This creates duplicate keywords. It makes a mess of my keyword structure.

Worse yet is the fact that occasionally I get TIFs with new keywords. The new keyword I have seen is “Film Photography”. I don’t have such a keyword so I don’t know where that comes from.

The keyword management for created positive files has some problems that need attention. At this time anytime I create a positive I have to carefully review and correct the keywords. It a PITA.


I just discovered another problem.

I have some cases where there is a keyword that appears in two different parts of the keyword hierarchy. In a couple of cases Negative Lab Pro attached the the keyword to the TIF file, but the keyword is from the wrong part of the hierarchy. The method of transferring keywords to the created positive file seems to have multiple problems.

I am concluding that what I see as “bugs” may be “features” of the new version of NLP. Unfortunately the documentation is “in progress” so I don’t know how to turn off this stuff which seems to be on by default. Is it possible to get some info on how to turn off these features?

I am really surprised by the last “feature” I discovered. I created some keywords to tag files that had been converted using NLP. It seems that somehow NLP discovered the keyword and now is using a modified version of the keyword to add captions to my files.

This is getting more weird. As noted in the prior comment, NLP adds a caption to the positive TIF files it creates from the converted RAW files. I deleted the caption. After deleting the caption, I used LR to edit the file in PhotoShop. I saved the edited file as a TIF and it was added to the LR stack with the original RAW and the positive TIF file. When I checked the caption of the edited TIF file I was surprised to find the NLP caption has been added, even though NLP was not used. This is bizarre! NLP is adding captions to files it did not edit.

Uh-oh! I didn’t program it to do this… unless… THE A.I. IS TAKING OVER!!!

Haha, just kidding.

But seriously that is odd and it shouldn’t do that. If you could send me an example of the file in question, that would be helpful. I can track down why it is doing this.

There is an option in NLP that is turned on by default to auto-generate keywords when you use the NLP export service.

  • Go to “file > export”
  • Select the “NLP - Positive Copy - TIFF” (or JPEG) export preset on the left.
  • Turn off “generate keywords”
  • And then add this as a new preset

You can then access your new export preset anytime by “right-clicking > export > your-export-name”. And that will follow the settings you gave it. Note that this won’t change the “positive” copy option that is internal to NLP, so you will have to use the right-click method for now.

Hope that helps, and sorry for the issue!