Color Cast from yellow to green

Hi guys,

I always have the same issue when converting my negs. I get this nasty yellows who turned green and no idea where it comes from.

Use e Canon 5 MK II with a 100mm macro lens on a old enlarger with e standard LED panel underneath.

I set the WB to arround 2600K, reframe it etc.
Thats what I get:

Then I convert the image to TIFF and some major corrections in the greens and the yellows to have a descent image. But it is the same problem with every picture :frowning:

Do you have some advice?

That is the result after several steps:

I have no clue where that comes from. I already set color space from sRGB to Adobe RGB, change camera settings etc.


Can I ask what your light source is? Your light source will make a big difference in color rendering.

Whatever the issue is, it does seem that Canon is the most susceptible to it. In a few cases, it was resolved by setting the white balance to around the WB of the light source (i.e. 5500k). If you send me the RAW ( I can experiment a bit with it!


Hi Nate,

my LED panel is a

the CRI index is >90Ra

It’s strange because I also scanned slides (velvia) with the same setting and never had this issue with yellow/green hues.

I will try to set my Canon to 5500K and try it again.

Hi Nate,

I had something like a breaktrough. Ich checked all you said from 3000k up to 6500K. The results were all similar after re-ajusting the WB with NLP.

That is the result:

That is the result after trying out different things:
I used as source VueScan
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-01 um 19.50.44

then I got this:

check the green in the shadows of the umbrella. The problem is gone.

Digital Camera as a source is misinterpreting especially the yellows. Why is that?

Hmm… You should get similar results if you left it on Digital Camera, but changed the color model to “Standard” and set the “Pre-Sat” to 5. The color model is adjusting the RGB Primary calibration in Lightroom, and it’s set a bit differently for depending on a combination of the source and the color model.

With all the other changes I’ve made in the past year, I should probably look back into this calibration… especially as it relates to Canon cameras.

Hi, I use Canon 5D II and have exactly the same problem. Would be cool to have a look at that calibration for this yellow/green issue. Thank you!

Just use as source VueScan. It works.

Thanks Christian, I will try it as workaround. But perhaps calibration for specific camera has some benefits (if it is fixed)? So would be nice to understand what happens.

I have tried the VueScan workaround and it works, but only if Frontier/Noritsu is selected, in Basic mode yellows are still muddy. So it could be used, but there is some functionality restriction. I can provide raw files if necessary.

I did some research and the yellow problem is related to the blue primary calibration setting. In the “Digital Camera”+Frontier it is set to -10 while in “VueScan”+Frontier it is -15. So it doesn’t really matter what mode combination is selected, setting blue primary to lower values solves yellow greenish tint. Hope it will help people having the same issue.