Colour shift when clicking "edit in photoshop"

Whenever I open a converted image in photoshop the colours shift to cyan pretty heavily. I’ve tried change around the colour space and playing around with settings but I don’t know how to get a consistency between them. The picture below shows the issue. Only happening on NLP converted pics.

I’ve not found much online about this, is there a setting I’m missing? All latest NLP profiles have been imported into lightroom as well.

This looks like a colour management issue.
It would be helpful to know what colour settings you are using in Lightroom and Photoshop and I’m assuming you are using the NLP camera profiles for conversion.

There are two possibilities:

  1. You have a corrupted monitor profile. This can be fixed by recalibrating your monitor. I hope you are calibrating your monitor?

  2. More likely, you colour settings are in a muddle. You need to do one of two things and preferably both:

Make sure your External Editor settings in Lightroom (Preferences>External Editing) match your Colour Settings in Photoshop (Edit>Colour Settings).

In Lightroom, for RAW files, the preferred setting would be: ProphotoRGB-16bit-TIFF

In Photoshop Color Settings under Color Management Policies make sure you check ‘Preserve Embedded Profiles’.

In Photoshop Color Settings under ‘Profile Mismatches’ make sure you have “Ask when Opening’ is checked also.

I hope that solves it for you.