Contrast generated to important

We work a lot with films digitalization for our clients and we have been testing and using NLP for a year.
One big problem we have noticed is a to powerful contrast using NLP (algorithm problem I suppose).
We use Pres-saturation on very low, DSLR scan process with NONE (no frontier or other) and even with that we have better quality and more informations in the images using Photoshop classical process.
After that we work in Lightroom to contrast the image but the base is better.
It would be great to have the ability to have a very neutral transformation like a RAW file.
For info we work on 4x5 films and 6x6 films.


That’s what the tone profiles are there for. Try the different variants of the “linear” tone profile if you are looking for more neutral contrast. The “linear + flat” profile will have the lowest contrast levels. You can use the “save” function to make this the default starting point.