Copy EXIF shooting data to NLP metadata fields

Is there a way to copy EXIF shooting data into the NLP metadata fields?

After digitizing my negatives with a Nikon D800 the EXIF shooting data reflects the settings from the D800 during digitizing.

After I convert the raw files to JPG or TIF I can then import import the shooting data from my Nikon F6 into the EXIF fields using Meta35 software. This works perfectly but does not work with raw files.

I would like to be able to copy the EXIF data (FNumber, ExposureTime, FocalLength, DateTimeOriginal) from the JPG or TIF files to the NLP metadata fields (Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length, Date) in the raw files so that I have a record of the shooting data in the raw file.

I’m using Lightroom CC version 12.0.1, Camera Raw 15.0

Maybe there is a tool out there or someone with suggestions on how I might do this?

Peter Thurston

You can use exiftool it’s already in the NLP package.
That’s how I do it.