Default Lightroom Settings upon first import

When I import a DNG, these are the defaults showing. I realize the 6500K would be set, but the others like the Tint, sharpening and noise reduction seem strange as defaults.

I’m importing from Vuescan on a V800/raw-dng. Thanks for any clarification, I’ve been reducing the magenta to 0 and turning off the sharpening and noise reduction so I can manage those after conversion.

Results have been stunning with Fuji Pro 400h.


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Hmm, thanks for the tip, I didn’t notice this until you pointed this out. Well, I did the same on and I agree, I got stellar results with Portra 800.


Hi! Yes, Lightroom thinks the Vuescan DNG is a regular RAW from a camera, so it automatically applies its standard amount of RAW sharpening and color noise reduction.

The color noise reduction it is applying in this case is absolutely overkill for the Vuescan files… it really is hurting color. I can update NLP to set Color Noise reduction to 0 by default when working with Vuescan conversion…

How do you feel about the sharpening? Do you find that you are often having to apply more or less than the default amount?

And I LOVE hearing that! Thank you!!!

Thanks, Nate. As long as we know it’s a lightroom thing, we can turn it down before the scan. Interestingly, Fuji Pro 400h with the Frontier setting wasn’t as nice as the noritsu. I do tend to shoot this film at EI 200, however.

– Scott

Good to know Nate! I just created a preset which I run before converting. All good.

Another interesting point, I tend to shoot a lot of colour over by 1 or 2 stops. So I guess this makes a difference, I hadn’t thought about this LOL. I am so new to all this, shooting film included!

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