DIY DSLR Scanning Tools

I just thought to open up a thread of high quality and cheap options for DSLR scanning setups:

Copy Stand

Dust Remover

• Does anybody know an option for an DIY Negative Supply Pro Mount that is not that bloody expansive?
• Is anybody into 3D printing and can offer us some insights into tools that are around?


Good idea. :+1: I’ve seen some really great DIY tools for scanning film with a digital camera… lego stands, magnetic strip holders, DIY led light boxes… but I’m not great at building things, haha. Would be great if some of the builders in the group could share their DIY toolset :slight_smile:

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I’m building custom made rig(s) for high volume digitization.
With high volume I mean 200.000+ negatives…but that means it’s not reasonable for personal use/DIY set due to cost of custom hardware.

Today I don’t have nice pictures for ready machines, but for next machines I need to spend some time for reasonable pictures as I have replaced classical vertical setup in favor for horizontal.

…and also working right now for slim/small LED panels.
My current rigs fit in smaller photobackpack.

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Into a photobackpack?! I would love to see it if you feel like sharing it.

Sorry for “quality” photo…:smiley:


Nice setup!
Is this build by you or the enterprise you are working for?
What light source are you using? Flash?

I’m the builder for that setup, currently working on 2 new ones with some adjustments for smoother workflow. For example I hate those negative carriers. And it’s still slow for high quantity work.

Lightsource is currently Aputure AL-MX - smallest high CRI LED what I have found.
But I’m looking into a) custom LED PCB or b) modify available ready-made stuff to get rid of battery etc.

I also hate current amount of cables…but remote + PC + monitor power + monitor video + lightsource power…yeah, ain’t beauty. :confused:

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Really interesting.
Are your parts like the film holder and the connection between lens and box 3D printed? Or are these otherwise available parts?
You definitely have to keep us updated on your other rigs!

This is currently made out of 2 pieces of milled POM plastic, final version will be from anodized aluminium.
3D printing is not accurate and clean for me, tried that as proof of concept.
I trust milling much more. POM is suitable material for long term use compared to PLA what does not tolerate higher temp and being used to screw down etc.

But that’s where my way of looking it goes out of window in “DIY” and “Cheap” ways of thinking about it.

My design is neg carrier 2 parts + pipe to block frontal cap between lens and negative. I think this is only “turnkey” solution in the world for end customer. I’m aiming for customer who wants working solution, not DIY kit :slight_smile:

But thinking about future…I think it would be possible to turn this into some kind of kit considering customer has their own camera + lens combo. But today I don’t want to make it “fit for all camera+lens” combo product as it would need to be so adjustable that it would look and feel ugly AF. So first I think it would make sense to produce kits for certain camera+lens combos, most likely Sony A7 series + macros between 50mm-70mm for example. But I don’t know if and for what price market would be interested for that.


Are you Jaroslaw using the Reprostativ V5 Bausatz yourself. The price of the stand is tempting, but I wonder it it’s stable enough (doesn’t vibrate), and can you adjust the position of the camera in necessary directions?

Yes, I do use it. It’s really stable with my 5DII and 100mm Macro.
Necessary directions are up and down for me, which this stand does perfectly.

These silicone rollers are terrific for minimizing dust when scanning:


Hi, I just joined today and have like many been looking for Products that can expedite my workflow as I had been shooting negative material for 30 years before I went Digital. I live in Germany so these things might only be available to European users. The Copy stand is inexpensive but certainly stable enough
for a DSLR. (one image per post for new users ? ok, the name is Besser BR-CST Copy Stand. The Kit from Kaiser is around € 300.- but holds medium format flatter than the Lomo frame and takes care of the extraneous light coming from the Lightbox. Its available with Kaiser Slimline and without.

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3D Printing Film Holders

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